Wrighstville beach board of aldermen hold retreat; issues include beach biking

Talks could include allowing traditional bikes while banning electric ones

Town of Wrightsville Beach considers banning biking on the beach

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (WECT) -Biking on the beach is a popular activity for many people who live near the coastline, but residents of Wrightsville Beach are subject to an ordinance banning the activity.

Mayor Darryl Mills and the town’s board of aldermen discussed the topic during their annual retreat. He says the bikes create a wave of issues due to the beach’s popularity.

“During the summer months, during the holiday weekends, it gets so congested out there; so, it’s a safety issue,” said Mills.

Some residents, like biker and surfer Charles Obelinger, believe the town should consider health and well-being in the equation.

“During COVID, a lot of people have turned to exercise and biking on the beach as a way to get out of the house and get fit, and I think that would be a mistake to take that away.”

Mills says there is talk of allowing traditional bikes on the beach while banning electric ones, because they tend to be heavier and faster — a hazardous combination in large crowds.

“We did not make any final decisions, but we did begin the discussion of ‘how are we going to go about enforcing or not enforcing, or just changing the ordinance?’”

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