Brunswick County commissioners approve preliminary debris cleanup plan

Brunswick commissioners approve tornado debris removal

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Brunswick County commissioners approved a preliminary plan Tuesday to help with the cleanup efforts after the deadly tornado devastated the county last Monday.

Commission chairman Randy Thompson says the county will launch a curbside pickup program. He says the county crews will pick up construction and demolition debris that homeowners can physically bring to the curb.

Thompson believes the state department of transportation will clean up vegetation debris like downed trees. For homeowners who are facing extensive rebuilding, he says it could be a longer process.

“Areas like the homes that are destroyed, the homes that will need to...where they will need construction companies to go through and do demolition to some of the homes, that will be covered under insurance and that’s a separate process,” said Thompson.

Richard Dobkin, the owner of Ocean Ridge Storage Center says his business suffered over a million dollars in damage. He says business owners need help from the county because insurance will not cover the cost to remove all the debris.

“We’re not getting any help. We reached out today to the council. Randy Thompson — he tells me we are going to get some people out here to see if they can help us this week, but we’re not getting anywhere. We have a lot of debris that needs hauled off and we need some help and that’s all we are asking for,” said Dobkin.

Without help, Dobkin says he is facing recovery costs he’s not sure he can afford.

“To me, I’m still in a little bit of a fog with everything that’s going on. It’s just like — get up every morning, start all over, and it’s day by day,” said Dobkin.

Commissioner Thompson says its going to be days, or even weeks before visible signs of this devastation are gone.

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