Armed Florida man helps cops nab suspected car thief

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN/CNN) - Newly-released video shows an auto shop worker using a gun to help police catch a suspected car thief.

“They came, coming around, screaming around that corner and crashed right here,” Carlos Sandi explained. “Pulled out my firearm and told him, ‘You need to stop get on the ground and not move.’ I got him on the ground then zip-tied his hands behind his back.”

Sandi works at South Florida Jeeps on in Fort Lauderdale. Early Saturday morning, he was helping customers when all of a sudden he heard sirens and squealing tires.

A police chase had ended in a crash right in front of his dealership’s cameras.

Sandi, wasting no time, pulled out his gun and ran to one of the suspects who was trying to make a run for it.

"He stopped dead in his tracks," Sandi said.

The other suspects in the car ran away. Even so, Sandi said police got them too.

"One guy took off down the street and then one guy came running towards the parking lot," Sandi recalled.

Sandi has a concealed weapons permit and a lifetime of training with firearms.

"I'm a veteran,” he said. “I've been carrying firearms for a long time and it's a natural thing for me."

Sandi said he knew exactly what to do – protect the patrons, never once fearing for his own life.

“Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind," Sandi said. "We had small children on the lot. We had customers on the lot. So, for me, it wasn’t a question. I just acted.”

Police do not recommend stepping into action like that. They did, however, commend Sandi for his quick thinking.

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