Company gives free Christmas trees to Hurricane Florence victims

Free Christmas trees to Hurricane Florence victims

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Salvation Army and King of Christmas handed out new, artificial Christmas trees to those affected by Hurricane Florence.

King of Christmas gave away 500 Christmas trees Wednesday night at the Salvation Army Christmas center on North Market Street. The giveaway lasted from 3-8 p.m.

“King of Christmas is a Pennsylvania-based artificial Christmas tree company,” said Seth Taylor of King of Christmas. “Every year, we organize a Christmas tree giveaway to underprivileged families or areas affected by a natural disaster. This year, we (were) interested in organizing a giveaway in Cape Fear for the families affected by Hurricane Florence. There is no cost involved. We are pleased to work with The Salvation Army to organize the Christmas tree giveaway.”

To get a tree, storm survivors had to bring verification of of their involvement with the hurricane such as a FEMA number or insurance paperwork.

“Many Cape Fear families continue to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Florence,” said Major Mark Craddock of The Salvation Army of Cape Fear. “A part of the rebuilding process involves re-establishing family traditions such as Christmas trees. By providing Christmas trees, we help Cape Fear families free up needed resources for other parts of the rebuilding process.”

To boost the Christmas feel of the event, Santa Claus showed up and some remaining food donated for hurricane relief was distributed as well.

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